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Use the Force at FORM{yoga}

The teacher, Mandy, and I after class.

The teacher, Mandy, and I after class.

Studio: Form{Yoga}

Class: Use the Force

Class description from website: CHALLENGE YOUR PRACTICE AS WE EXPLORE SOME JEDI-MIND TRICKS….JUST KIDDING (KINDA). A more challenging and energizing practice, this strengthening class is for students looking to explore and expand their practice. In this class we will build upon our best alignment to explore some of the more advanced postures of yoga. This class is vinyasa-based and may include short tutorials (aka Jedi mind-trick tutorials) on arm balances, inversions, deep backbends, and other gravity defying postures. The class will also include modifications and a range of options for students to work towards these postures at their current level.  You will burn calories (tons of them). You will sweat. You will work your core. You will challenge yourself.  You will transFORM your practice. Please bring a strong understanding of the fundamentals of the asanas and unpack your humility as you will experience a more intense and challenging practice.  Bring water and a small towel to soak up the sweat. A regular vinyasa yoga practice recommended but not required.

form store front

Location: 2752 E Ponce De Leon Ave, Decatur, GA 30030

IMG_7964Cost: $15 drop in but they have specials for new students.  Get to class 10 minutes early so you can fill out paperwork and pay for class.

What to Bring: Yoga mat, water, and towel.  Cubbies are provided for you belongings

What to wear: Comfortable clothes.  Yoga pants, leggings, tank top, t-shirt etc.  Shorts are never the best option for yoga as you never know what poses will give the person behind you or next to you an impromptu peep show.  You are required to remove your shoes in the reception area.

Class size: Small.  There were 11 people including me.

Lower level studio.

Lower level studio.

Props used: Yoga blocks and blankets (all provided by the studio.)

Volume and type of music: Low volume.  Mandy calls her playlists “an eclectic blend of genres” and that is the perfect description.

Impact: Low impact.

Modifications: Any good yoga instructor will always give modifications.  Mandy gave several options for most of the poses and we always had the option to go to child’s pose.

Format of class: This 60 minute class was exactly like the class description on the website.  It was a nonstop class that focused on building strength…although we didn’t get to the Jedi mind tricks this time.

We began class in child’s pose (the calm before the storm) and then jumped right in.  We warmed up with several vinyasas (this word simply refers to sequential movements that interlink different postures to form a continuous flow) and were given the option for additional chaturangas (basically a triceps push up).  The first 30 minutes (give or take…I lost track of time) was mainly standing poses.  We were given several modifications for each pose, from a beginner option to an advanced option.  We visited a few arm balances, again with options for different levels of practice, and eventually took our mats to the wall to practice inversions (upside down poses).  During this period, Mandy spent time with the class newcomers, teaching tripod headstand, while most of her other students worked on handstands.  We finished our practice with the option to do bridge pose or full wheel pose (back bend) and then ended class with a much needed savasana (corpse pose).

Encouraging atmosphere at FORM.

Encouraging atmosphere at FORM.

What to expect:

  • A great strength/resistance training workout.  Yoga incorporates lunges, squats, push ups and so many other bodyweight exercises that are excellent for building strength.
  • A guided practice that you can customize to fit your personal level of yogi-ness.
  • An opportunity to practice arm balances in new ways.
  • A judgement-free atmosphere.
  • Hands on adjustments.  I find this to be a necessary part of any yoga practice so you can get a full understanding of certain postures.  If you don’t like people touching you, I would tell the teacher before class.  This applies to any yoga practice.
  • A laid back teacher who maintains a fun and all-inclusive atmosphere.
  • A lot of poses accompanied by instruction and clarification.  Mandy packed a lot into 60 minutes but I never felt rushed or pressured to keep up with anyone’s elses pace.
  • Some sanksrit when referring to different poses, but also fun names you may not be familiar with.  For instance, we were given the option to do baby crow, teenage crow, or big boy/big girl crow.  Definitely not a stuffy studio.

Who should take this class:

  • People who have a basic understanding of proper form when practicing yoga.
  • People who are looking to build strength.
  • People looking to enhance their inversion practice.
  • This class is not for beginners but there are several beginner classes on the schedule.

I was lucky enough to have my mom in town with me this week so she was able to come to class!  After retiring from her position as a cantor two years ago, she went through yoga teacher training and became an RYT-200.  At the age of 68 she regularly practices yoga and teaches classes so I asked for her take on the class.  I now give you my mom’s two cents about the class:

“Mandy provided a well thought out flow with a lot of poses that had clear and concise instruction.  I didn’t find myself having to look up all the time to see what a pose was, or how to get there.  We were given freedom to modify poses when necessary.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable practice.”

From left to right: Me, Mandy, my mom!

From left to right: Me, Mandy, my mom!

Thank you to my the owner of Form and my instructor, Mandy, for a fun and energizing practice!

Even the bathroom is encouraging at FORM.

Even the bathroom is encouraging at FORM.


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Please Vote!


Hello everyone!

Status Fitness Magazine, one of the premiere fitness magazines in the world, is having a Cover Model Contest and I am in the finals!  I am incredibly excited and honored to have made it to the finals and now that I’m this far, I need your vote!

1. Like the Status Fitness Magazine Facebook page here

2. Go to the 2013/14 Cover Model Contest album. Click here.

3. Find the above picture of me or click here.

4. “Like” the picture of me.  (You have to click the like button, you can’t just like it in your mind, that doesn’t count.)

5.  Feel free to share my picture so your friends can vote!

Thank you!!

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Hit me with your best squat.

I squat, but I won't be borrowing pants from JLo anytime soon.

I squat, but I won’t be borrowing pants from JLo anytime soon.

If I see one more “She Squats” picture or Squat challenge I’m going to scream!!  (Insert scream here, because I probably just saw one.)  Yes, the squat, when done properly, is a very good exercise and should definitely be incorporated into your workout program, especially considering the fact that we squat throughout the day. (e.g. sitting, standing, going to the bathroom, picking something up).  However, it is NOT the end all be all to a fabulous fanny.

I love squats.  I do them in my warm ups, I do them in my Dance Fitness classes, I do them in my Jazz classes (plié anyone?) and I drink a lot of water so you better believe that I’m doing a few extra squats all day long from my excessive water consumption.  The problem I have with this squat obsession is that a new myth has reared it’s ugly head in the fitness world…that squats will give you the ass of a 22 year old Brazilian volleyball player.  Yes, squats work your glutes, but getting that round, bubble yum bum like JLo is not going to be achieved by doing squats.  It is a combination of exercise, diet, and GENETICS!!!  You cannot dictate the shape of your posterior, it is determined by your parents.  You might be able to increase the size of your glutes a bit with heavy weights and intense, hard work, but you won’t be able to turn it into an apple bottom with anything short of a miracle…or plastic surgery…or butt pads.

Your glutes are muscles, much like any of the other muscles in your body.  Doing 100 biceps curls everyday for 30 days is not going to increase the size of your biceps.  Bodybuilders dedicate serious time and energy to their workouts and consume A LOT of extra calories to achieve muscle gains so you participating in a 90 day squat challenge is not going to help you gain much muscle.  Not to mention, gaining muscle is INCREDIBLY difficult.  If you’re lifting with heavy weight and fueling your muscle with the proper diet, you might be able to put on 1 pound of muscle in a month.  Might.

Back to the squat.  This exercise does not isolate the glutes, it also works your quads and hamstrings.  Ergo, doing many squats to build that booty will also give you well-muscled thighs.

Do not think for a minute that the bootylicous bum that you see on Instagram with booty shorts wedged in the crack is just from doing squats.  Those bodacious ladies with tiny waists and junk in the trunk were blessed at birth and use exercise as a way to keep their rears from hanging down to their calves.  Not to mention, posing does wonders for a not so ample rump.

Moral of the story, if you think that by doing a 90 day squat challenge you’re going to end up with “an a** like Serena” think again.  You will end up with improved lower body strength, probably some achy knees and a little bit of emotional irritation from not achieving the results Instagram told you that you would get.  Bottom line, (no pun intended) exercise your entire body.  You STILL, in the year 2014, cannot spot train.  You must do exercises that use every part of your body and eat a balanced diet to achieve the fit body of your dreams.

And just so I don’t leave you high and dry, here a few other glute exercises for you to add to your booty boosting repertoire.

Posture check!

Fix your posture!
Bad posture: Left Picture
Good Posture: Right Picture

Bridge (Hip Extension)

Bridge (Hip Extension)
Start: Top Picture
Finish: Bottom Picture

Single Leg Donkey Kick with Resistance Band

Single Leg Donkey Kick with Resistance Band
Start: Top Picture
Finish: Bottom Picture

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Baby Step To a New Body In the New Year! A Workout For the Absolute Beginner.

It’s resolution time!  Set your self up for success by making small, achievable resolutions that are realistic for you.  If you are a complete couch potato, and have been sedentary for a long time now, you don’t want to jump in to a new fitness regimen full steam ahead.  Go slow.  Break yourself in.  Get your mind and your body used to working out!

The perfect way to do this is with my Baby Step Circuit!  In the video below, I show you 4 different exercises to get you started on your fitness journey.  Start with 5 reps of each exercise (in other words, do each exercise 5 times) the first week and add 1 rep to each exercise every week until the end of the year.  By the end of the year, you’ll be doing at least 56 reps of each exercise!  That’s incredible!

I recommend doing this circuit 3 times a week.  Go slow!  Think of this as your warm up to becoming a fitness junkie.  Good luck, Happy New Year, and GO!

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Turkey Day Survival Guide


It’s that time of year when we find it necessary to gorge ourselves with food and drink so that we can spend time with our loved ones and friends.  First thing out of my clients’ mouths in reference to Turkey Day?  “I hope I have the will power to eat well.”  Guess what.  You do.  It’s not about having will power; it’s about making a conscious decision to not stuff yourself to the gills just because food is available.  To help you make these choices, I am sharing with you my Thanksgiving survival tips, so you don’t wake up the next morning with a guilt hangover.

Tip #1: Stay hydrated.

I know you’ve heard it before, but I’m going to repeat it – dehydration it can make you feel hungry and sluggish, which is the perfect recipe for a carbohydrate binge fest.  Drink a glass of water in the morning and every hour thereafter for the rest of the day.  You want to aim for at least half your bodyweight in ounces of water, and a glass (8 oz) every hour will get you close to that amount.

Tip #2: Do not skip breakfast…or any other meals for that matter.

Just because you are planning to eat a huge dinner, it does not mean you should skip meals to leave room for your feast.  Eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up and eat a small meal every 3 hours thereafter.  (Meal meaning anything from a snack of an apple and some almonds to a sandwich).  It would be great if you could incorporate some veggies and protein at each meal, but I’m not going to be too picky.

Tip #3: Don’t succumb to peer pressure.

This is a hard one for many of you, because you’re surrounded by family and friends insisting that you sample every dish at your Turkey Day gathering, even though you are two bites away from exploding.  But just beware, many people try to get other people to eat a lot because they are feeling guilty about gorging themselves.  Don’t let their guilt dictate what’s on (or not on) your plate.  If grandma is persistent about you eating more, tell her you’re going back for seconds after you let the first round settle.  She’ll probably forget within 5 minutes, and you’ll be spared that side splitting second plate.

Tip #4: Eat slowly.

Your stomach takes about 20 minutes to communicate to your brain that it is full.  Take time between bites to talk with family or friends, watch a football game, or just sit back and relax.  This is a holiday!  Slow down and enjoy it and savor that delicious food!

Tip #5: Practice portion control.

I’m not asking you to just eat a salad, but I am asking that you go easy on your portion sizes.  My Turkey Day strategy is to put a little sample of everything on my plate, and if somethings are absolutely delicious, I will get second helpings of those delicious dishes.  I am usually full by the end of my sampler plate though, which means my strategy has been a success!

Another way to control your portion is to use a smaller salad plate rather than the large entree plate.  This will “trick” your mind into thinking you have more food.

Tip #6: Move it.

Try going for a walk post feast.  If it’s too cold outside, walk around inside or have standing conversations rather than plopping down on the couch to watch football.

Tip #7: Alternate alcoholic beverages with water. 

Not only will alternating alcohol and water keep you hydrated, but you’ll save some calories as well!

I’m not telling you to avoid all the rich, seasonal food that we love to partake in on Thanksgiving, I’m just telling you to go easy and listen to your body.  No food is worth that miserable, bloated, indigestion feeling that follows stuffing your face.  Think before you eat!  Have a happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving!

PS If you’re celebrating Hanukkah as well, go easy on the gelt and latkes.  Fried food and chocolate should be enjoyed in moderation and Thanksgiving Day is only the 2nd night so tread lightly.

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Universe Weekend Recap


Backstage at Fitness Universe 2013

Wow!  What a weekend!  After months of preparation, Universe Weekend has come and gone.  For the first time, I placed in the top 10 at an international show and I am pumped!  A competitor’s primary goal is always to win, but I am more than satisfied and incredibly happy with my 8th place finish at the 2013 Fitness Universe competition.  I am especially pleased since I watched a video of my performance on Saturday and it was not up to par.  My energy was low, I wasn’t fully warmed up, and I just know I can perform better.  All things considered, 8th place, with a tie for 2nd place in the bikini round, is more than fine with me.  (On a related note, congrats to the first ever Ms. Fitness Universe Pro Division winner Anca Bucur and to the winner of the Fitness Universe Open Division Kristy Lee Wilson!  Both of these women are power houses!  Incredibly talented, beautiful, and super nice!)

It took an enormous amount of preparation and training to get ready for this show and there is no way on Earth I could have done it without the help of my incredible sponsors, Sean and Nancy Keenan of Enjoy Life Concepts.  Their sponsorship took an incredible amount of stress out of this process.  The financial burden of competing is huge, ask any competitor, so not having that weight on my shoulders (pun intended) left me with more energy to train harder.  On days when I didn’t want to workout or practice my routine or go to yoga, I thought of them and that kicked my butt into high gear.  I cannot thank Sean and Nancy enough so I hope that you will support them by frequenting their awesome establishments, both located in Decatur, Napoleon’s Bar and Grill and Harbor Bar and Fish House.  Both restaurants have an incredible selection of delicious, healthy choices, and some more indulgent dishes if you’re feeling frisky!  Check both of them out on Facebook!

Napoleon’s on facebook             Harbour on facebook

I would also like to thank my support system.  I am so fortunate to be surrounded by so many supportive people, my family, my friends, my clients, my Dance 101 students, my Dance 101 coworkers, and so many others who are always there to give me words of encouragement and inspiration.  Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, by text, by phone, or in person, your positive and kind words fuel me and keep me working hard every day.

Now that this competition is over, it is reflection time.  This past weekend was incredibly inspiring for me, not only because I was surrounded by so many women and men who worked their butts off (or worked their butts on, I should say) to prepare for this show, but because I was able to spend time with two incredible women who happen to be both friends and students of mine.  They travelled to Miami to cheer me on at 9am on a Saturday.  Following the show, I was able to spend part of the weekend with them and listen to stories about their lives.  Learning more about their backgrounds and watching them work even as we enjoyed a meal or walked down Lincoln Road inspired me to push myself harder and keep working to achieve my goals.  We all need inspiration and this past weekend, they were my inspiration.  I am excited to push forward and see what I can achieve in this coming year.  Thank you, Nancy and Kathy, you are wonderful role models and friends and I am honored to have you both in my life.


WIth Nancy and Kathy after the show! Thank you for your support, ladies!

I used my travel time in the car today to reflect on their stories and my own experiences of this past weekend, and as I drove through Alligator Alley, I came to the decision that I will be competing again in November in Las Vegas!  It’s only appropriate, I am a Gator, I was in Alligator Alley, and Gators win, it’s what we do.  So, I have to keep trying until I do!  Get ready Fitness America, I’m coming for you!


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March Madness Movement


Me with Magic Johnson at the 2000 Final Four Championship game in Indy. We lost to Michigan State, but what an incredible experience!

Ah, March Madness.  My fondest memories from college are from this time of year.  As a member of the University of Florida Dazzler’s Dance Team, I was given the opportunity to travel each year to tournament sites all over the country.  Seattle, Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, Indiana, Chicago, New Orleans.  All incredible experiences!   But it wasn’t all fun and games.  Being on the sidelines requires hard work, practice, and dedication.  You make think it’s just about being cute, but behind the sequins, lycra, and pom pons (yes, pom poNs) there’s a lot of sweat…and maybe even some blood and tears.   

Since Atlanta was fortunate enough to be the host city for the 2013 Men’s Final Four, I invited the spirit programs from Louisville, Michigan (should’ve been Florida, but I’m not bitter…maybe a little), Syracuse, and Wichita State to participate in a friendly, early-morning competition consisting of exercises that a generally healthy person can perform at home.  The exercises I chose mimic some of the movements that are executed by cheerleaders and dancers (and some limber mascots) during basketball games.  

Watch as Miguel Martinez and I referee what turned out to be an intense competition!

The first exercise is a squat with a front kick.  We all know that squats are excellent for strengthening the glutes, quads, and hamstrings, but by adding a front kick between each squat we are involving more of our core and relying on balance to switch our weight from 2 feet to 1 foot.  When performing a squat it is important to keep your weight in your heels, pressing through your heels to stand and making sure you only kick to a height that is comfortable for you.  Performing this movement while holding dumbbells can add some resistance and involve your arms.  Only squat to a level that is comfortable for you.  Hip flexibility varies so while you may not be able to squat deeply, you can still perform an efficient squat by holding your chest up, sticking your booty out, keeping your knees tracking over your toes, and keeping your weight in your heels.

The second exercise is simply a get up.  It’s nothing complicated, literally just standing up from a seated position on the floor and sitting back down on the ground.  This happens a lot during games if you’re on the sidelines, especially if your team is hitting a lot of baskets.  It’s more difficult than you may thing so if you’re trying this at home, it’s okay to use your hands.  As it becomes easier, try doing it without your hands for a bit of challenge.  This is an excellent exercise to practice because you never know when you might fall and need to get up on your own.  (Side note: you don’t have to perform the get up as fast as my friends in the video, keep in mind, they were competing for the title win!)

The last and most advanced exercise is the X jump.  This is a milder form of a toe touch and a more extreme version of a jumping jack.  It is important to land with bent knees and to press through your heels when taking off from the ground so you can involve more of your glutes.  The X part happens in the air when your legs and arms are splayed into an X position.  If this exercise is too difficult, please stick to jumping jacks until you have built up stamina and strength.  (Same side note as before: no need to perform these as fast as my friends in the video, they were competing to be champions of the CNN Fitness Bracket!  Congrats to the Cards!)

Good luck building your sideline stamina!  I hope you have a greater appreciation of cheerleaders, dancers, and mascots the next time you watch a sporting event!


Thank you to Seth, Megan, & Wu from Wichita State, Brittany, Lexi, & Louie from Louisville, Heather, Paige, & Otto from Syracuse, & Alex & AJ from Michigan for exercising with me!

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Protein…when is enough enough?

Views on protein can be somewhat confusing and controversial, depending on from whom you request information.  Usually the same crowd which tells you to eat a carbohydrate-free diet will also tell you to load, or in many cases, overload, on protein.  Protein is important for growth, maintenance and repair of body tissue and should be balanced in your everyday diet.  I won’t bore you with an in-depth biochemistry lesson, but an overload of protein can be detrimental to your kidneys over time; can cause you sluggishness; and it can cause you to smell weird.  Trust me, I experienced that smell when I first started competing, and it is not pleasant.

Basically, you should be getting around 1 gram of protein per KILOGRAM of body weight (dividing your weight by 2.2 will give you both your body weight in kilograms, as well as an approximation of your daily amount of protein.)  Yes, I said KILOGRAMS not pounds.  Keep in mind, this is just a general recommendation; your protein needs may vary depending on your weight and physical activity level.  Once you have that number you will want to divide that amount of protein up among your meals and snacks throughout the day.  Keep in mind that this is a general recommendation.  Athletes and extremely physically active individuals will, of course, need more protein for repair and maintenance of muscles.

This does not mean that you need to consume an excessive amount of protein to get a toned, fit body.  In fact, consumming more protein than you need can have detrimental effects on your body:

  1. Extra protein intake means extra caloric intake which means stored fat in the body.
  2. Excessive protein intake can cause dehydration.
  3. Consuming too much protein can have a detrimental affect on the kidneys.

Bottom line, there is a strange obsession with overconsumption of protein.  Science dictates that a generally healthy body can only process so much protein, so, as hard as it may be, ignore diets that tell you to consume 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight and stick with kilograms.    

P.S. Try to get your protein from natural sources such as meats, legumes (beans), nuts, tofu, and dairy products.  If you are looking for a protein shake, stick with whey protein.  Costco has a ginormous (yes, that’s a word) bag of Cytosport whey protein for $34.99, no need to purchase tiny tubs of protein powder for $60.  And, don’t forget, protein can also be found in whole grains and some vegetables!

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Mind your manners.  A beginner’s guide to gym etiquette.

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Satio Photo ShootAh, January…every gym or fitness studio’s favorite month.  Memberships increase, attendance increases, and people excited and rejuvenated by the new year bombard the closest exercise destination ready to tackle their new fitness goals.  Enter irritated gym regulars.  Why the irritation?  Because, understandably, gym newbies aren’t hip to general gym etiquette.  Why should they be?  Gym etiquette is usually something you learn from experience…or from someone who is compassionate enough to school you before you walk into the sweat shop.  So, if you’re one of those gym newbies, here are some compassionate tips to help you avoid embarrassment as you embark on your new gym experience!

  1. Pay attention to time limits.  Cardio machines (e.g. treadmills, ellipticals, stair climbers, stairmasters, rowing machines, etc) are a popular choice among gym goers, especially first-timers and especially in January.  Most gyms have a 20-30 minute time limit on these machines, so check for a sign up sheet before hopping on.  This can save you the awkward moment when someone taps you on the shoulder, mid stride, and tells you to hop off the machine because ‘it’s not your turn;’ and it can also prevent someone else from walking up and hopping on the machine when you’ve been waiting for 15 minutes.  Many gyms have that one member who polices the machines making sure that people don’t go over their time limit, and you certainly don’t want a run in with them.  Be mindful of these time limits, they are set for a reason.
  2. Don’t be a squatter.  It’s fine if you need to do three sets on one piece of equipment, but if you’re resting for a long time between sets, allow someone else waiting for the equipment to work in.  Otherwise, lift or get off the pot.
  3. Wipe down your machines.  This cannot be stressed enough. NO ONE wants to touch your nasty sweat.  I don’t care how clean you are, your sweat is just plain nasty to everyone else.  Few things can provoke gym anger more quickly than someone hopping off a machine and leaving it dripping wet.  Most gyms have spray and paper towels or sanitizing wipes that you can use to wipe down your machine.  This goes for both cardio machines and nautilus machines.  Another solution is to bring a towel and lay down it down on the machine you’re using (not a cardio machine, of course).  This will help the machine stay dry to begin with.
  4. Stay off your phone.  It’s fine if you use your phone as a music listening device, but there is no need for you to be yapping away or texting while working out.  If you are doing these things, you’re wasting your time.  Not to mention, no one wants to hear your plans for the weekend or the awesome vacation you just returned from, or how bad your date was last night.
  5. RERACK YOUR WEIGHTS!  This is in all caps because it is my BIGGEST gym pet peeve.  If you use a set of dumb bells or a bar bell or weight plates for your exercise, PUT THEM BACK!  Not only is it rude to not put your equipment away, it is dangerous.  If you used a weight that is too heavy and you can’t put it back, you have two options: 1) Use lighter weight next time or 2) Ask for help.  If you don’t want to ask another gym member, there are plenty of employees who can help you.  It is not embarrassing to ask for help, you’re working out, you get fatigued, it happens.  It’s embarrassing if you’re the jerk that leaves 5, 45 pound plates on either side of the bench press bar for the next person to deal with, or dumbbells sitting in the middle of the floor for everyone to trip over.
  6. Keep talking to a minimum in group X classes.  Group exercise classes are an incredibly fun way to get your workout in, but all it takes is one person to ruin the entire classes’ experience.  Be respectful of the teacher and other students by keeping your mouth shut and paying attention.  An occasional “Woo!” is acceptable and it’s okay to respond if the teacher asks a question, but a group X class is NOT the place to hold a gossip fest.
  7. Speaking of group X, be mindful of your classmates’ personal space.  If you’re in a class of 5 and you’re in a giant studio, then you better work that grapevine!!  But, if you’re in a class that’s packed to the gills, where space is limited, you need to be aware of your personal bubble.  A few examples: do not stand directly in front of someone who has already picked their spot; do not go to the bathroom and return to a different spot; if you are late, do not walk to the front of the class, unless it is obvious that there is room up there for you.
  8. Speaking of being late, try to be on time!  Most teachers prefer you to get to class a few minutes early so you can claim your spot, get settled, etc.  I, myself, do not mind a late comer as I know life gets in the way, but many teachers expect you to be on time.  If you have a teacher who prefers this, be respectful of their policy.
  9. Choose your clothing wisely.  Some gyms have dress codes (e.g. no tank tops, no half tops, no jeans, etc) so you’ll want to abide by those rules, but you also want to be aware of clothing that might be distracting to others.  You might have a fabulous tush, but not everyone wants to see your cheeks or your crack when working out.  A couple of other clothing items to be aware of plus solutions to the problem: see through leggings (solution: tie a shirt around your waist); loose shorts that bare your undies, or lack of undies (solution: wear bike shorts underneath).  If you absolutely insist on wearing any of the aforementioned items, don’t be offended if you get a few stares.
  10. Keep it clean.  This is a tough one to discuss, but let’s talk about hygiene.  Gyms are full of sweaty, nasty, smelly people.  It’s just how it is, working out –> sweating –> body odor.  If you are a naturally pungent person, perhaps a quick shower or sink bath would make the gym experience more comfortable for you and those surrounding you.  Side note: if you ate a giant bean-filled burrito for lunch, you might want to skip the heavy lifting that night.

Good luck!  And if you haven’t been active in recent years, check with a doctor before beginning your new, healthier lifestyle.

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Real women have…

Real women.

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We are currently in the middle of a war — a war against women.  Unfortunately, much of this war against women, is a war being waged by women.  The weapon of mass destruction in this war?  The word “real” purposely used in conjunction with the word woman.  Real Woman.  Lately, the phrase real woman has taken on a specific meaning and is now being used to refer to a woman who is bigger, thicker, or curvier.  And now there even seems to be distinctions within the ‘real woman’ world, with the emergence of the title fiercely real woman (I guess that means super real), used to honor those who, according to Tyra in the video below, wear a size 12 and up.  Well, I take offense to this, and we should all feel insulted by this.

Always with the insults.

I am not big, thick, or curvy, does that mean I am not a fiercely real woman?  I don’t have a big butt, huge boobs, or curvy hips, does that mean I am not a fiercely real woman?  I wear a size 2 or 4 (depending on the brand), does that mean I am not a fiercely real woman? After watching this clip, I decided to do a little research to determine if I am a real woman.  According to Merriam-Webster, real is defined as “being precisely what the name implies.”  And a woman, according to Merriam-Webster is “an adult female person.”  Well, I am 32 years old so I am an adult; I am a female; and I’m fairly certain that I am a person, although my students may argue that point.  That means, despite what others claim, I am a real woman.

I am not a size 12, but I am a real woman.

Ladies, let’s stop this crap!  Stop it now!  Let’s stop this abusive, passive-aggressive relationship that we have with each other.  We are constantly talking about empowering women, and teaching young girls how to love and accept themselves.  How are we supposed to teach these younger generations about self acceptance and self confidence when we do not have it ourselves?  How do I know we do not have self confidence?  Because we have to constantly bash those who look different from us.   Instead of wasting time defining what a “real woman” is, sit down and define what makes you a really wonderful woman.  Maybe if we all learn to love and accept ourselves, this intra-gender conflict will dissipate, and we truly can empower each other.

I leave you with my definition of a real woman:  Real women have curves; Real women have muscles; Real women have big butts; Real women have flat butts; Real women have big bellies; Real women have six packs; Real women have thighs that touch; Real women have thin thighs; Real women have long hair; Real women have short hair; Real women have no hair; Real women have big boobs; Real women have small boobs; Real women have no boobs; Real women are mothers; Real women don’t have children; Real women can’t have children; Real women are married; Real women are single; Real women are divorced; Real women are gay; Real women are straight; Real women are bisexual; Real women don’t bash women who are different to make themselves feel better; Real women are ____.   To fill in the blank, leave a comment below.

No matter your age, shape, size, marital status, creed, or ethnicity learn to accept yourself so that you can learn to accept those who are different from you.  So come on ladies, let’s start a revolution!   L.O.L.E.O. — Love Ourselves Love Each Other.

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