Your Fitness Journey: 5 Simple Truths for Success

Truth 1: You do not have to be perfect 100% of the time.

Being healthy doesn’t require always eating perfectly (whatever that means) or exercising for three hours everyday.  It’s about doing what you can, when you can.  Let me tell you a secret: no one, not even the fitness models you see on Instagram, is perfect.  Everyone has little setbacks, we’re human, it happens.  The difference between people who are successful with their fitness journey and those who are not, is that the successful people focus on what they can do rather than focusing on what they can’t do.  Jobs happen.  Families happen.  Kids happen.  School happens.  Being sick happens.  Flat tires happen.  Being broke happens.  Shit happens.  Know that, accept that, and move on.  Don’t try to be perfect all the time, try to make better choices most of the time.


Truth 2: You cannot do it alone.

Even the most positive of people need cheerleaders every now and then.  Surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people is key to being successful on your path to better health.  Be wary of backhanded supporters.  These are people who seem like they are being supportive, but are really trying to sabotage you because they do not want to see you be happy.  Get rid of those people.  True friends will support your decision to be healthier, whether it means joining you at the gym, cooking dinner with you instead of going out to eat, or simply just wishing you well on your journey to better health.  True friends just want to see you happy…and healthy!


Truth 3: Your thoughts play a big roll in your successes and failures.

This is so incredibly important.  How can you expect to achieve your goals if you don’t believe that you can?  It is after all The Little Engine That Could, not The Little Engine That Couldn’t.  The Little Engine is such an important story and life lesson, but we laugh at it as we get older.  You should wake up every morning and yell “I think I can” or better yet “I know I can,” and push those negative, debilitating thoughts aside.  It takes practice, but the more you dwell on the positive, the easier it gets!  (P.S. You don’t really have to yell “I think I can/I know I can” every morning; you can just whisper it… or, at least, think it.)


Truth 4: You will face challenges.

It will never get easy.  Easier?  Yes.  Easy?  No.  Life itself is filled with challenges, so why expect your journey towards better health and wellness to be challenge-free?  You will face many ups and downs.  It is a roller coaster but you should never get off.  Realizing that you will face challenges and obstacles, and accepting those challenges and obstacles, is what will help you to overcome those challenges and obstacles.


Truth 5: The grass will always be greener on the other side.

No matter how fit or strong or healthy you get, there will always be someone whom you perceive to be fitter or stronger or healthier.  You can either let those people discourage you or you can let those people motivate you.  Acknowledge their successes and then put on your blinders so you can focus on achieving your own successes.  Do not allow jealousy and envy to hinder your journey.  Remember, the choice is yours.

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