Baby Step To a New Body In the New Year! A Workout For the Absolute Beginner.

It’s resolution time!  Set your self up for success by making small, achievable resolutions that are realistic for you.  If you are a complete couch potato, and have been sedentary for a long time now, you don’t want to jump in to a new fitness regimen full steam ahead.  Go slow.  Break yourself in.  Get your mind and your body used to working out!

The perfect way to do this is with my Baby Step Circuit!  In the video below, I show you 4 different exercises to get you started on your fitness journey.  Start with 5 reps of each exercise (in other words, do each exercise 5 times) the first week and add 1 rep to each exercise every week until the end of the year.  By the end of the year, you’ll be doing at least 56 reps of each exercise!  That’s incredible!

I recommend doing this circuit 3 times a week.  Go slow!  Think of this as your warm up to becoming a fitness junkie.  Good luck, Happy New Year, and GO!


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