To get to the top, you have to keep climbing!

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Satio Photo ShootI experience this at least a couple times a week: someone tells me they have a part of their body they want to change, or a certain amount of weight they want to lose.  I enjoy when people tell me this as it means that they have taken the first step to making a change: contemplation, thinking about making a change.  Here’s the problem, an actual change requires a few more steps: preparation, action, and maintenance.

Are you one of those people?  Someone who says they want to change something about their body, but then doesn’t make the change?  If you are, then you can do one of two things.  You can either keep talking about making changes, or you can start making changes.  If you want to just keep talking about making changes, then you probably don’t want to bore yourself reading the rest of this post.  But if you want to start making changes, keep reading and we’ll discuss how you can do so.

I like to think of getting fit/healthy as a climb up a mountain, a fitness mountain if you will.  Your ultimate fitness goal(s) being the top of that fitness mountain.  Common sense says, to get to the top of the fitness mountain you must climb the fitness mountain.  Of course, if you want to stay where you are, you can just walk around the fitness mountain.  Even if you do begin to climb the mountain, there is always the chance some sort of avalanche will cause you to slide down the fitness mountain delaying your goals or temporarily throwing you off track.  Despite this set back, you must get up, dust yourself off, and get back to climbing.

To put things in perspective: my ultimate fitness goals continue to evolve because I continue to evolve; just when I think I’ve reached my peak, I realize I can do even more.   This means that my mountain peak is hidden in the clouds and I have to keep scaling the mountain to see what’s up there.  That said, I do still have goals that I will try to reach along the way.  My next big goal is to get ready for Fitness Universe in 2013.  I won’t start dieting, choreographing/practicing, or any other hard core preparation until after the New Year, but I have already begun to make changes.  I already teach 13 classes a week (9 of which I actually participate in) so that is a lot of my exercise, but I had postponed my individual workouts due to my vacation and Thanksgiving, so I began adding those in last week.  I have also incorporated a stretch class and a yoga class into my routine, to improve flexibility.  My next change, coming in January, will be adding an intermediate jazz class to my schedule…2 jazz classes, if I’m feeling frisky.

I’m giving you these details to show you that even though I am in good shape, I still need to make changes to get myself Fitness Universe stage ready.  So, I hope you have come to the realization that talking about your changes and making changes are two very different activities.  I’m sure you’ve heard the following quote before, but it just makes sense so it bears repeating, “Do what you’ve always done, and you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”  So go ahead, listen to Tony Robbins, make a change and start now!

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