The future is fat…or fit?

Keeping it fun with a little ghostbusting in desir80s (my 80s-style fitness class). Who you gonna call?

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It is projected that by the year 2030, 42% of Americans will be obese.  This translates into shorter life expectancies, more chronic diseases, and higher healthcare costs at a price tag of $550 BILLION.  I don’t really know what to say about that.  It scares me.  It saddens me.  It drives me.  But I’m one person out of 313 million in this country, so what can I do?  Probably nothing, right?  Wrong!

I’ll tell you what I can do.  I can keep trying.  I can keep trying to show people that a healthy diet can be realistic and attainable; I can keep trying to encourage healthy habits with positive reinforcement; I can keep trying to make my blog entertaining so you will want to educate yourself on a healthier lifestyle; and I can keep trying to make my classes and workouts fun so people will want to continue to workout, e.g.:

I’m fortunate to have had a healthy and active upbringing, and I’m even more fortunate to have a job that keeps me active and sane (the sane part might be up for debate), so I know it’s easier for me to keep trying.  At the same time, I also know it may not be as easy for many of you, but I want you to keep trying or begin trying.  Keep trying to be less sedentary, keep trying to make BETTER choices when it comes to snacks and meals, keep trying to persevere when you’ve had a crappy day and just want to give into that chocolate frosted donut.  Keep trying to be a healthier you.  Many people go about adopting healthier habits to look better naked.  Why not adopt healthier habits to increase longevity, have a better quality of life, and lower healthcare costs?  Outside factors like family and friends are usually factors in starting an exercise and nutrition regimen (and often factors in sabotaging someone’s regimen), but first and foremost, you need to do it for yourself!  Once you start leading a healthier lifestyle, you never know who you’ll influence to do the same.  It’s going to take millions of small changes to make one big change in our future, so start now!

My sanity might be up for debate, but I’m having fun!

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