I like me. I like me not. I like me?

If I let jealousy and a low self esteem get in the way, I wouldn’t be able to handle having all of these gorgeous women in my life!

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Over the past few years, I have noticed a common theme that runs rampant within the female population, self consciousness.  It doesn’t matter the size, shape, age, or fitness level of the woman, more often than not, they are self conscious.  I’ve been fighting this battle for a while, myself, but I’ve gotten better and I want you to get better as well.

I am not a doctor, nor do I consider myself a life coach, so I am going to speak from experience, as one of you, as someone who cares.  I cannot stress enough how important it is that you do not compare yourself to others; and that you do not wish for what you may not have.  I think this tends to be a brick wall in some women’s health and fitness regimens.

There seems to be a cycle some women go through, which has negative consequences.  First, a woman will try to adopt a healthier lifestyle by changing her diet dramatically and going full force at the gym.  Then, when she doesn’t see the results she wants right away, she immediately begins looking at other women, and comparing body parts.  Soon the woman becomes sad, or even depressed, because she doesn’t have what some other woman has.  Eventually the woman quits working out because she believes there is no hope for a more desirable body.  Boom!  Game over.  It’s back to pizza and doughnuts alternated with periods of starvation.  Every one of you should be conscious of that cycle, and should do your best to avoid it.  Remember that you are working to better YOU, and you must be happy with what YOU have, and what YOU are working to be in the future.  There are so many body types in this world, so when you start your fitness program, keep in mind that you are working with yours, and yours is unique.  J Lo is not Beyonce, who is not Giselle, who is not Shakira, who is not Serena, who is not Jennifer, who is not Teraji.  All shapes and sizes, right?  Create your best body.  I am sure you’ve heard that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, well guess what, it’s just as green on your side, but it may just need a little yard work.

As women, I think that we have a natural tendency to be envious of other women, and that envy can really bring us down and obliterate our self esteem.  I was no different.  I used to battle that envy demon everyday, but I became much, much happier when I learned to turn my envy into admiration.  We are all different in so many ways and there is always going to be something about ourselves that we are unhappy with, but if we learn to focus on our positive attributes rather than our negatives, then we can, one by one, work to improve those negatives without having to hate ourselves in the process.  Turn your envious thoughts into compliments.  You don’t necessarily have to express them out loud, but you can certainly do it in your head.  If you see another woman with great legs struttin’ her stuff, instead of thinking, “Ugh, she must think she’s all that with her short shorts and long legs,” think, “Wow, she has awesome legs” and be done with it.  Try it sometime.  You will find that it gets easier every day, and frees you from the crippling effects of envy.  Can you imagine everyone hating Michael Jordan because he was an awesome basketball player?  I can’t.  And everyday, millions of men wear the jerseys of other guys they admire.  It’s their way of saying, “Wow, he has awesome legs.”  Well, it doesn’t quite mean that, but you know what I mean.  It’s respectful admiration rather than unsettling jealousy.  Ladies, let’s emotionally wear each others’ jerseys by showing admiration for each other instead of jealousy.

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