Body envy.

Even as an NBA dancer, I struggled with body envy. Look at my former teammates!

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As I stood in line at CVS recently, I browsed the headlines on some popular entertainment/lifestyle magazines covers.  I know I shouldn’t have been, but I was shocked at the amount of headlines claiming that they had workout and diet tips for readers to get “Abs like Rihanna,” “Legs like JLo,” “Kim’s new, slimmer, still curvy body,” etc.  It shocked me for a couple of reasons: 1) As women we are constantly battling with self esteem issues, thinking we’re too fat, too skinny, our hair isn’t good enough, we have a wrinkle, yada yada, yet, we are the ones who keep these magazines in print, and 2) these are the same magazines that routinely publish the ‘fat edition’ where they zoom in on these same celebrities’ body parts to show their cellulite, wrinkles, and blemishes.

It’s bad enough that we, as women, compare ourselves to our friends (trust me, being on an NBA dance team makes it impossible to NOT compare yourself to your gorgeous teammates), but to voluntarily subject ourselves to the unrealistic suggestions of gossip magazines is even worse!  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate being able to read the celebrity training regimens and nutrition plans, but I am also realistic when reading these articles (waiting in line, because I don’t buy them) and I want you to be as well.  Keep the following things in mind when perusing these stories:

  • These women have trainers, nutritionists, chefs, life coaches, assistants, etc., to keep them on track and focused.  They also tend to have a larger bank account with which to hire these people.
  • Magazines airbrush their pictures unless they’re pointing out someone’s cellulite.  Celebrities are humans too, they look just like us when they wake up in the morning without their makeup and hair perfectly done.
  • Every body is different.  Genetics have a lot to do with your anatomical makeup.  The most surefire way to get discouraged in your workouts, is to assume you can have someone else’s body, when you have a completely different genetic makeup.  If you have a flat bottom, no amount of squats is going to get you an ample, JLo booty.  You can increase the size of your glutes, like any other muscle in your body, but going from flat to ‘baby got back’ is not likely.  Let’s take a quick trip back in time: in the 70s and 80s, maybe even earlier, there was a lovely ‘exercise’ that women would perform by clasping their hands together in front of their face and squeezing their pecs while saying, “I must, I must, I must increase my bust.”  This exercise, and many other bust-increasing exercise routines were sold as facts  Come to find out, they were anything but.  They didn’t increase anyone’s bust; surgery did (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).  I give this example not to discourage you from working out your booty, but to think about toning and/or lifting whatever shaped rear you do have.

With these things in mind, I want you to go about your goal setting in a different way.    Instead of setting goals to achieve someone else’s arms or legs, set goals to improve what you have.  Workout and eat right to achieve a healthier and more fit you.  You can have a fabulous body without having Kim Kardashian’s kurves (I had to do that extra k) or Ciara’s flat stomach, or Nicole Scherzinger’s legs, or Sofia Vergara’s, umm…top (that’s definitely genetics!).   This goes for people in your life as well.  Don’t set goals to look like your friends.  Appreciate their hot bodies then put your blinders on and focus on bettering you.

I encourage you to look to other’s for inspiration, and admire them for their hard work, but wishing, hoping, and praying for their body parts is not going to affect you positively.  The grass is just as green on your side of the fence, sometimes it just requires some landscaping (regular exercise and a balanced diet) to see it!  There’s a better body in you, you just have to coax it out.


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