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A successful resolution.

Every December it begins, the making of new year’s resolutions.  And every January (maybe February, if you’re lucky) it ends, the attempt at sticking with new year’s resolutions.  Why?  Because the tendency is to make life changing resolutions that, in reality, may take years to achieve.  That’s setting yourself up for failure.  This year, you’re going to set yourself up for success!

I understand that you might be pumped up and ready to take on your brand new healthy lifestyle in the brand new year, but it will not and cannot happen over night.  You didn’t get out of shape over night, so you are most certainly not going to get back in shape over night.  You must start by setting simple, realistic goals that you know you have a chance of accomplishing.

For instance, don’t start by setting a goal of going to the gym everyday this year when you’ve only been to the gym once in the past decade and that was to get your membership.  Set a goal as simple as doing 10 jumping jacks 3 mornings over the next week, just to get yourself used to fitting some physical activity into your daily routine.  If you’re trying to go the nutrition route with your resolution, don’t say you’re going to do a 30 day wheat grass cleanse with a weekly coffee enema (I’m not condoning this method at all, by the way).  Instead try starting off with something as simple as substituting one of your daily chip and dip snacks with some veggies and hummus or cutting out one soda a day, if you’re a soda drinker.

By setting simple goals such as these, you are setting yourself up for a success rather than a fail and by achieving success you will be more likely to set and conquer more goals down the 2012 road.  This will encourage you to make monthly resolutions rather than that annual fesolution (fake resolution, I like making up words), thereby beginning your cycle of success.

I wish you much success in achieving your 2012 goals!




Hello and welcome to my long overdue blog!  I am excited to share my nutrition education, dance experience, and personal thoughts with you.  I hope that you find my blog to be both entertaining and informative.  My goal is to make you realize that eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly are not as difficult as you may think!  I am already working on a couple of topics that seem to be of great interest to many people, including abs, spot training, and eating late.  I’m hoping to post at least once a week, but I am a born procrastinator so we’ll see how I do.  Thanks again for visiting and be on the lookout for my first (this one not included) blog post!

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